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Love WhatsApp dp image

Love WhatsApp DP photo profile picture
Love surrounds everywhere irrespective of any place.Flowers are blooming and love is spreading the surroundings. It is nothing less than a miracle. the great word i.e Love

Creative hands WhatsApp pic DP

Creative WhatsApp DP image
Look at my drawing and writing skills, I draw and write so well.I have just written a book in my small hand. Don’t underestimate a kid. Just try to read and understand what i have written.
Pooja preparation by brother and sister DP image for WhatsAPP
let’s make a beautiful garland unitedly and together.This way we brother and sister can help our Mom in her preparation for the Pooja function. She will say, oh my dear kids you are very helpful and sweet.

Cool DP for WhatsApp

WhatsApp DP pic for Music Lovers
We both are enjoying the song.Melodious music is very pleasant to the ears. Of course music has the potential to bridge distances and bring us all closer irrespective of ages.

Flying Kites are best picture for WhatsApp DP

Kites sports photos for WhatsApp DP
my kite is flying high in the sky.No one can’t catch it anytime.Kite festival is here. I wonder too many beautiful kites will fly in the air. Birds dear where is your space now.
Delicious food items for My WhatsApp DP profile
So many tasty laddus, namkeen and papad are kept in the box, along with chutney and curd. I feel like eating them all right now.I can’t wait for my hunger is growing. I will put this dp for whatsapp

Beautiful flowers for WhatsApp DP image

flowers pics for WhatsApp DP image
Two beautiful flowers of pink and purple color are looking very attractive and beautiful.I will take these and plant them in the garden of my house.Beautiful flowers will be my WhatsApp pic DP

Sweets for my WhatsApp DP image

tasty sweet items for WhatsApp DP profile
There are so many delicious cakes and pastries kept and decorated with small images. I feel like eating them all quickly before anyone notices them and eat them before my turn comes.
WhatsApp pic DP for an imaginery world
Is this a different kind of magic or is the world a illusion? There are the different shapes kept separately but who had made them, i am just wondering. Is there any solution to this puzzle.
best photo for WhatsApp DP
This world is round and is visible in different ways.There is forest somewhere, somewhere there is land, somewhere there is sky, somewhere there is sea.How lovely, unique and adventurous is this world.
whatsApp DP for a laptop
My father has put a nice photo in his laptop.It looks like a river is flowing through the snow.I’ll get chills just looking at this.But why he has kept like a flower and wooden box in it.

Illusion or imagination for my whatsapp pic dp

Imaginative and best picture for WhatsApp DP
You make me a DP image, I am beyond your imagination to understand me. Who will find the answer he will be a very intelligent one. Open your mind now and show your skills.
Writing picture for WhatsApp DP
Tomorrow I have to show the note in the office, so I write down some key points. If anyone asks me, I can tell him. That’s why I am preparing a lot and working hard till late night.
Music DP images for whatsApp
I have headphones and a mike.Now i will listen to my favourite song and sing along with it.It will be a lot of fun and excitement.Also no one is in the home to disturb me.

Clouds and Mountains are Cool DP for WhatsApp

Clouds DP images for WhatsApp
Clouds above the mountains and green, dense forests below and plains in the middle, I feel as if I have come to heaven, what a beautiful world this is that God has created.