We have Created 18+ Beautiful Merry Christmas images – festival of celebration. The day is celebrated on 25th December every year by Christians worldwide to mark Jesus Christ birth. The day hold much significance to Christian community living anywhere in the world. In majority countries it is observed as a National holiday.

They believe Jesus the son of God. People assemble in Church and took part their daily activities. They decorate their houses, offices, X-Mas tree the source of attraction and send Santa pictures and Merry Christmas images to each other.

Some people dress up as Santa Claus costumes and distribute gifts to children and other needy poor peoples. They feel proud in doing their duty for the Social purpose.

Though Jesus preached the lessons of truth, compassion, love, removing people sins and sorrow and belief in the divine eternal God wisdom, but he was protested by some people and was punished, beaten and even crucified.

Christmas is the festival of celebration, love and universal brotherhood, lets enjoy, celebrate, this great festival and share the cute Christmas images created by imagesavatar.com