We have created 15+ images Eid al Fitr – festival of breaking fast with great enthusiasm and love. Eid al Fitr is the festival celebrated by Muslims all over the World. Eid festival is the day after which Muslims finish their 30 days fast. The festival is celebrated with great love and excitement.

The beginning starts before the month when people buy decorative clothes and accessories. Men wear kurta-pyjamas and women buy bangles, dresses and other items.

It is widely believed that prophet Mohammad reached Medina on this day. Eid, also known as Eid-al-Fitr, is the “festival of breaking of the fast” that marks the end of Ramadan.

On sight of the moon Eid Mubarak wishes is said to everyone. Mehndi put on girls hands, sweets and hearty meal is prepared and shared. The festival of brotherhood, love and affection, gratitude to the Supreme power.

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