We have created 24+ best Diwali images – festival of Light. Diwali is celebrated almost all parts of India and across the globe with great joy and enthusiasm. It is the day when Lord Ram returned Ayodhya after 14 years exile by killing Demon Ravana. Deepawali is the other word for the conquer of light over Darkness.

On the festival day and even before people clean their office and homes, decorate them with Rangoli, put fancy colorful light, cook and exchange delicious foods and sweets, wear new dress, burn crackers, people greets happy diwali to each other and above all worship Devi Lakshmi – Ganesh for their prosperity and well being of family members.

It’s believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits the place of worship,house or office on Diwali day and blesses them. Hence, a lot of discipline and devotion goes into the festival of light.

Let Diwali celebration, the traditional festival of Hindus, be celebrated with great joy and devotion and share beautiful and lovely images created with great endeavor by imagesavatar.com