Happy Navratri is widely celebrated in India as a Hindu Navratri festival for the conquer of good over evil. Everyone wishes Happy Navratri on this auspicious day. The festival is a honor to Devi Durga who killed the demon Rakshasha Mahishashura and established the supremacy of the Devas and the feminine power.

The festival is celebrated for the nine days with faith, devotion, garba is played and for the well being of humanity. Most people in India follows rituals with great respect,prayers and take fast also. It is the belief that fast will purify our body and spirit that will uplift us many folds.

The nine days are worshiped to nine incarnations of goddess Durga. They are Shailputri,Brahmacharini,Chandraghanta,Kushmanda,Skandamata,Katyayani,Mahakali,Mahagauri,Sidhidatri.

The divinity of Maa Durga is beyond any words or imagination. We at imagesavatar.com has tried to create and highlight some of the beautiful crafted images of Maa Durga that will make us more holy and devout.

Happy Navratri

beautiful maa durga image
The beautiful and astonishing image of Mother Durga mesmerising the surroundings and all.May goddess Durga bless everyone in this navratri l to make our life blissful and gracious

Clean our Soul and Heart

wishing you happy navratri
the rich Indian tradition of navratri is depicted here in the image. Lets prosper our life and convert it to be dignified by praying to the mother to clean our soul and heart every time

Omen in the Navratri days

happy navratri images
the round pot decorated with mango leaves, beautiful flowers and coconut is an omen in the Navratri days followed by people and worshiped with great faith and devotion

The great Navratri Festival

happy navratri images
the elevation in mood is surrounded everywhere, the great Navratri festival of the mother deity is celebrated with vigor and jest, higher energy and devotion flows out.
The fierce goddess
The fierce goddess wants to end the Rakshashas and demon. All the evils have to be eliminated completely before the Dharma to prevail in this beautiful world

Beautiful Maa Durga images

Festivals photos
beautiful Maa Durga images of the goddess looking calm, comfortable and soothing us constantly to make us peaceful, loving, caring as similar like a mother looks and take care of her children
festival of hindus
This Navratri will brings success and prosperity in our life. We are continuously being watched by the mother’s vast and magnanimous eyes. Its motivates us to do and keep our work clean and pure with good intentions
garba dance on navratri

Art of Meditational techniques or Methodology

shubh Navratri to all
Navratri the festival celebrated for nine days. Rare or mindful Sadhaks or devotees tries to purify their chakras by deep art of meditational techniques or methodology. It is also known as kundalini jagran
festival of the feminine power
Its one of the beautiful maa durga images that depicts the symbol of prosperity and good health. We should be always lively and humane soul living for the well being of all.

Trident of the Lord Shiva

Trident of lord Shiva
Shubh and auspicious Navratri festival welcomes us all with the mighty Trishul or Trident of the Lord Shiva, the God of destruction and the only omnipotent God of the Great Universe who protects everyone
mother goddess is watching us
happy Navratri the mother goddess is watching and blessing us. We should follow the rules of decency, good behaviour towards all and correctness in our duty to get the grace of the goddess Durga, the creator of the universe
happy durga pooja to the entire humanity
happy durga pooja to all my friends and family members. Beautiful and gorgeous maa durga images are to be worshipped for the prosperity of the entire entity living in this world

The great Hindu Navratri Festival

festival of the hindus
Happy Navratri,may you always act as the situation demands. The great Hindu Navratri festival is here and everyone is eager to celebrate it with all their faith and devotion. its the time to fulfill your dreams with the blessings of Mother Durga
mother Durga astonishing images
Hindu Navratri Festival is widely accepted everywhere in this world. The Happy Navratri days,festival that bestow great courage in everyone, friends and families exchanges gifts and sweets are distributed in the neighborhood.